Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Dogs with separation anxiety are usually overly attached to or dependent on one or more family members.  They become extremely anxious and show distress behaviors of vocalization, destruction, house-soiling, or inactivity when separated from the owners. Many of these dogs begin to show signs of separation anxiety as the owners prepare to leave.  They often salivate or pant profusely, vocalize, eliminate, refuse to eat, and become destructive.  Some dogs simply

Stress in Dogs and How to Manage It

Stress in dogs can come from a variety of sources, including trauma, physical restraint, change of routine, boredom and separation, to name a few. Being aware of these things can help you minimize stress in your dog’s life. “It’s a dog’s life.” How often have we heard that? But what is it really like to be a pet dog living in a human home? Try to see it from the

Hail to the First Puppy - UPDATE;The Obamas welcome Bo, their new Portuguese Water Dog puppy, into the White House

UPDATE!  A few months back WebVet was one of the first to announce the top contenders of the future Obama family pooch (full story below).  We’re happy to announce that Senator Edward M. Kennedy recently gave the Obama family a Portuguese Water Dog puppy as a gift; Senator Kennedy owns several Portuguese Water Dogs himself.  The dog (named Bo) is a nonshedder, which was a prerequisite for the Obama girls

Stump the Sussex Spaniel Takes Top Prize at Westminster

Stump is the Sussex Spaniel that won Best in Show at the 2009 Westminster Dog Show.  He’s like the Obama of dogs, reminding us that if he, a ten-year-oldSussex Spaniel can win best in show — anyone can. You gotta love him. After rebounding from a near-death experience in 2004, Stump has spent the past five years like most dogs. As his owner, Scott Sommer, told USA, Today, “He’s just

Putting a pet up for adoption

Putting a pet up for adoption can be a very painful experience. Death, divorce, financial crisis, onset of illness or allergy, a new apartment that doesn’t allow pets — all these are reasons why even the most loving owners sometimes have to say goodbye. But there are more and less responsible ways of giving up a pet. Laurie Bleier, the director of the Brooklyn Animal Foster Network, a grassroots no-kill foster

Breast Cancer Awareness: Let's not forget our pets!

As you may be aware, October isNational Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM). The NBCAM organization is a partnership of medical associations, public service organizations, and governmental agencies working together to promote awareness of breast cancer issues, and we commend them for their excellent work. But while we honor our mothers, sisters, and daughters by raising the public consciousness about breast cancer, let’s honor our pets as well by keeping in

Avalanche dogs come to the rescue

If you ever find yourself the victim of an avalanche, you had better hope the leader of your search and rescue team is a dog.  Canines’ keen senses allow them to smell things that humans cannot see.  So if someone is buried underneath an avalanche, it’s likely the one who will dictate whether it’s a life or death situation is, indeed, man’s best friend. Skiers, mountain climbers and high-altitude hikers alike don’t think

Does my pet need to leave a tip?

While tipping for good customer service is common practice, this hasn’t always necessarily included pet services. As our pets continue to become more a part of the family, pet owners are becoming increasingly generous when it comes to tipping those who take good care of their beloved pets.  And this practice is not limited to dogs and cats. Take for example, Pixie Merrick.  “Kahlua” and “Kiwi” might sound like something