Stress in Dogs and How to Manage It

Stress in dogs can come from a variety of sources, including trauma, physical restraint, change of routine, boredom and separation, to name a few. Being aware of these things can help you minimize stress in your dog’s life. “It’s a dog’s life.” How often have we heard that? But what is it really like to be a pet dog living in a human home? Try to see it from the

Hail to the First Puppy - UPDATE;The Obamas welcome Bo, their new Portuguese Water Dog puppy, into the White House

UPDATE!  A few months back WebVet was one of the first to announce the top contenders of the future Obama family pooch (full story below).  We’re happy to announce that Senator Edward M. Kennedy recently gave the Obama family a Portuguese Water Dog puppy as a gift; Senator Kennedy owns several Portuguese Water Dogs himself.  The dog (named Bo) is a nonshedder, which was a prerequisite for the Obama girls