Biomusic growing in popularity

Scientists in the exciting new field of “biomusic” are finding increasing evidence that both people and animals create and mimic notes, pitch and rhythm. In biomusic research, the differences and similarities between disparate sounds such as birdcalls, bonobo drumming, whalesong and mice “pitch” are investigated. Biomusic joins the trained ears of musicians with the latest scientific research and technology in biology, physics, computer science, zoology and other academic disciplines. Thus

Is Your Macaw a Male or Female?

In most macaw species it is difficult to distinguish a male from a female based on physical characteristics; therefore, endoscopy or laboratory methods must be used for sex determination in breeding facilities. Credit: Used with permission of the Zoological Education Network. Related posts: Vital Statistics: Rabbits What your veterinarian looks for in a healthy Hedgehog

Are Cockatoos tame?

Young, hand-raised cockatoos adapt readily to new surroundings and handling procedures. They should be exposed early in life to novel situations (car travel, hospital visits, multiple visitors in the household, other household pets) so that they are well adjusted to these events. Discipline, leadership, patience, a sense of ritual and the offering of rewards may be necessary to modify behavior problems relating to screaming for attention to demand the presence

What Should You Feed Your Hampster?

Hamsters should be fed commercial pellets specifically designed for small rodents. Young hamsters begin eating solid food at 7-10 days of age, so food and water must be accessible for their smaller size. Treats may include such items as tiny bits of apple (no seeds or skin), raisins and walnuts. Drinking water is provided via sipper tubes. The water should be changed daily to ensure that the tube is functional