Putting a pet up for adoption

Putting a pet up for adoption can be a very painful experience. Death, divorce, financial crisis, onset of illness or allergy, a new apartment that doesn’t allow pets — all these are reasons why even the most loving owners sometimes have to say goodbye. But there are more and less responsible ways of giving up a pet. Laurie Bleier, the director of the Brooklyn Animal Foster Network, a grassroots no-kill foster

Avalanche dogs come to the rescue

If you ever find yourself the victim of an avalanche, you had better hope the leader of your search and rescue team is a dog.  Canines’ keen senses allow them to smell things that humans cannot see.  So if someone is buried underneath an avalanche, it’s likely the one who will dictate whether it’s a life or death situation is, indeed, man’s best friend. Skiers, mountain climbers and high-altitude hikers alike don’t think

Winning Over Your Partner's Pet

Introducing your pet to your new boyfriend or girlfriend can be a big step. Imagine this: You think you’ve just met the guy or girl of your dreams. You’ve been on a few dates and everything’s going great. So much so, that tonight, you’re going to introduce the person to your very best friend: your dog. You’re sure it’ll feel as strongly about your new love interest as you do.

Choosing a chemical-free car for you and your pet

New cars can be loaded with chemicals, which can be harmful to both you and your pet. Everyone knows the smell of new cars, but it turns out that the lusty aroma of recent automotive wealth is now being linked to potential health problems in pets. These are important factors to consider, especially if your pet often rides in the car with you. The Ecology Center, a nonprofit organization, has a website

Liver disease in pets

Liver disease in your pet can be a serious condition. The liver performs many necessary functions in your pet, making it one of the most important organs in the body. It plays key roles in digestion and metabolism for your pet. It helps clear the body of toxins,poisons, and waste material. It is also involved in production or storage of protein, vitamins, and blood cells. Viral or bacterial infections can

Human Medications Draw the Interest of Pets

Sandy McNamara, a lawyer who lives in suburban St. Louis, came home from work recently to find her cat Toby in the throes of something very bad. He had been vomiting, had diarrhea and was panting excessively. “I was scared to death,” McNamara says. “I suspected that he had gotten into something  but I wasn’t sure. I knew I had to call a poison center but I also knew the

How to Tell if Your Bird is Sick

It can be hard to tell if your bird is sick. The symptoms of illness in cats and dogs are not usually difficult to spot. While there are exceptions – especially in the early stages of certain diseases – cats and dogs tend to let us know that they’re not well. Lethargy, changes in eating habits or bowel function, and behavioral changes will usually be immediately apparent to their owners.