What your veterinarian looks for in a healthy Hamster

  Bright, shiny eyes Nose and eyes clear of any discharge Nails and teeth not overgrown Males have normal scent glands (dark patches on their flanks) Hair coat in good condition (no hair loss or greasy or unkempt appearance)   Related posts: What your veterinarian looks for in a healthy ferret What your veterinarian looks for in a healthy Hedgehog Budgie Parakeets: Your comprehensive guide How to Tell if Your

What Should You Feed Your Hampster?

Hamsters should be fed commercial pellets specifically designed for small rodents. Young hamsters begin eating solid food at 7-10 days of age, so food and water must be accessible for their smaller size. Treats may include such items as tiny bits of apple (no seeds or skin), raisins and walnuts. Drinking water is provided via sipper tubes. The water should be changed daily to ensure that the tube is functional

Can Dogs Really Catch Fish?

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How your dog can help you find love

It may be a little-known fact among singles, but the truth is this: People are more likely to talk to you if you’re with a dog than if you’re alone. Single dog owners, take note. Case in point: Deborah Wood was at the grocery store in Portland, Ore., when she noticed that the “scary tattooed” guy in front of her was holding an adorable Pomeranian. Surprising even herself, she asked if

Positive side effects of pet ownership for children

Dogs and other animals can help children cope with a variety of ailments — depression, emotional disorders, and even poor immune function. Pets are also good preventive medicine for healthy children to help them avoid developing allergies, increasing weight, or becoming social outcasts.  Pets can also teach children empathy and compassion. “Children in dog-owning families have more traditional values, better academic achievement, and greater respect for their parents,” said Elizabeth

Toxic homes: Are our pets becoming polluted?

The danger posed by toxic chemicals in the environment  has been a widely recognized and extensively studied public health issue for decades. But only recently have the possible effects of these chemicals on pet health been seriously studied. A new report raises new concerns The Environmental Working Group (EWG), a Washington, D.C.-based not-for-profit research organization, recently issued the results of what it describes as “the most comprehensive investigation of the

How to Tell if Your Bird is Sick

It can be hard to tell if your bird is sick. The symptoms of illness in cats and dogs are not usually difficult to spot. While there are exceptions – especially in the early stages of certain diseases – cats and dogs tend to let us know that they’re not well. Lethargy, changes in eating habits or bowel function, and behavioral changes will usually be immediately apparent to their owners.

What your veterinarian looks for in a healthy ferret

Dry or slightly moist nose Bright, clear eyes and clean teeth Trim nails Supple, elongated abdomen with no abnormal lumps Smooth, glistening coat Curious and playful attitude Clean anus   Related posts: What your veterinarian looks for in a healthy Hedgehog Housing for your African pygmy hedgehog