Vital Statistics: Gerbils

Body length (no tail): 3-6 inches (7-15 cm) Total body weight: 50-80 grams (females), 80-130 grams (males) Age of sexual maturity: 65-85 days Average life span in captivity: 3-5 years Related posts: Vital Statistics: Rabbits

Feline infectious peritonitis

Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is a serious viral infection.  The FIP virus can infect any cat but is most common in those younger than 3 years old.  It is also more common in multiple cat households.  Cats infected with feline infectious peritonitis are are often infected with feline leukemia virus as well. The FIP virus can cause a wide range of signs, which vary depending on the strength of your

What do Eclectus Parrots do all day?  By Zoological Education Network

Toys offered to eclectus parrots must be free of toxic metals, hooks, sharp objects or small, easily consumed components. Fresh-cut branches from nontoxic trees may be offered. Check with local authorities for recommendations of safe trees. Eclectus need to feel they are a part of the group. They are nosy and interested in what is going on around them. Related posts: Budgie Parakeets: Your comprehensive guide Most common disorders of

Is your Chinchilla a male or a female?

Male chinchillas do not have a scrotum, and the testes mostly remain in the abdominal cavity. The easiest way to sex these rodents is by the anogenital distance: female chinchillas have a very short distance between their anus and their urinary and reproductive opening, while males have a gap between their anus and their penis. Female chinchillas should be bred young or their pelvis will fuse and they may have

Converting Hubby to a Cat Lover

Q: We moved to the country and built a house where we have few neighbors. There are lots of cats outside, and they’re multiplying. I began to put out milk and food. There’s a friendly tomcat and I’m planning to trap him and another gentle cat and spay or neuter them and then keep them around as our pets. My only problem is my husband, who hates cats. He’s allergic

Does my pet need to leave a tip?

While tipping for good customer service is common practice, this hasn’t always necessarily included pet services. As our pets continue to become more a part of the family, pet owners are becoming increasingly generous when it comes to tipping those who take good care of their beloved pets.  And this practice is not limited to dogs and cats. Take for example, Pixie Merrick.  “Kahlua” and “Kiwi” might sound like something

How to Tell if Your Bird is Sick

It can be hard to tell if your bird is sick. The symptoms of illness in cats and dogs are not usually difficult to spot. While there are exceptions – especially in the early stages of certain diseases – cats and dogs tend to let us know that they’re not well. Lethargy, changes in eating habits or bowel function, and behavioral changes will usually be immediately apparent to their owners.