Hamsters need their space, too

Known unofficially as “pocket pets,” hamsters are sweet, cute and docile little critters, right? Wrong. Although undeniably adorable, hamsters can be fiercely territorial animals, and will fight if they feel their turf is being invaded. Even males from the same litter will attack each other on occasion. Since their domestication in 1930, several varieties of hamsters have become common. The three basic groups that are now popular as pets are

Winning Over Your Partner's Pet

Introducing your pet to your new boyfriend or girlfriend can be a big step. Imagine this: You think you’ve just met the guy or girl of your dreams. You’ve been on a few dates and everything’s going great. So much so, that tonight, you’re going to introduce the person to your very best friend: your dog. You’re sure it’ll feel as strongly about your new love interest as you do.

Converting Hubby to a Cat Lover

Q: We moved to the country and built a house where we have few neighbors. There are lots of cats outside, and they’re multiplying. I began to put out milk and food. There’s a friendly tomcat and I’m planning to trap him and another gentle cat and spay or neuter them and then keep them around as our pets. My only problem is my husband, who hates cats. He’s allergic

Choosing a chemical-free car for you and your pet

New cars can be loaded with chemicals, which can be harmful to both you and your pet. Everyone knows the smell of new cars, but it turns out that the lusty aroma of recent automotive wealth is now being linked to potential health problems in pets. These are important factors to consider, especially if your pet often rides in the car with you. The Ecology Center, a nonprofit organization, has a website

Avalanche dogs come to the rescue

If you ever find yourself the victim of an avalanche, you had better hope the leader of your search and rescue team is a dog.  Canines’ keen senses allow them to smell things that humans cannot see.  So if someone is buried underneath an avalanche, it’s likely the one who will dictate whether it’s a life or death situation is, indeed, man’s best friend. Skiers, mountain climbers and high-altitude hikers alike don’t think